Decorate your home for Easter

     Easter has finally arrived so you can decorate your home with new colors and accessories all of them reflecting the feeling of Easter.  I collected what decoration can make your home special and full of Easter atmosphere.

  • door decoration: either very simple or full of flowers the point is that it reflects Easter


  • Glass, ceramic bowl or a basket full of eggs. One of the most important decoration is paintedeggs that could be hame-made or even made of chocolate. You can play with the colors a lot, but they should be in harmony with the colors of the rest of the interior. 


  • The simplest and best solution is some catkin in a vase!  You can even put some tiny accessories on them.


  • Flowers on the table: either fresh, silkflower or in a pot, they are beautiful decoration on the table. 


  • Easter figures: you can put some Easter figures in your home to make the feeling complete. 


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