Everybody knows it and everbody likes it. Christmas is not real without it. Of course it is the smell of the fir-tree, the most well-known smell of Christmas.                                I will not write about the elements of this smell (such as pinen, limonen, camfen or fellandren), but about its good effects on people.                  Whenever you use fir as decoration you should keep in mind that it is not only the sight that effects us but also the smell. The smells always have impact on our mood. The evergreens were used as healing herbs already in the ancient times. Hippocrates used the oil of fir as a healing potion against ulcer, while the rosin against gynecological problems. In the Middle Ages it was used against coughing. The oil of the fir helps the blood circulation and and since it kills bacteria it sterilizes the air. You can use it as balm or aromatherapy or even as scent to your bath. The sprout of the fir can be used to make tea. Its effects on the soul are important too, it helps you when you feel lonely, it consoles and gives you strength if you are in need of it. If you take a walk in a fir forrest it energizes you. But if you have no chance for a walk, you can use this magnificant tree as decoration in your home.

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