The colors of flowers this spring and summer

Although it is only the beginning of spring, the gardeners and floristis have already started working to make the homes, gardens, terraces and interiors beautiful.

The trend of colors changes every year but if you add your own style and the atmosphere of the given interior you can find a unique way of decorating it.

The colors of spring 2017 reflect the desire to get back to nature, the joy of having sunshine and the longing for warm days. All the colors and feelings are in connection with it.

It is not only florists who follow the new trends but also fashion designers, experts in the advertisement industry and a lot of other people in similar fields. They create their collections based on these trends and of course adding a touch of their own taste as well.

Let’s see what are the colors of spring 2017:

  • the classic color of jeans represent the desire to relax
  • the primerose yellow is full of energy and sparkles
  • the blue of lapis lazuli reflects self-confidence
  • the red and orange of the fire ensures the heat and the inner fire
  • the blue of the sea reflects the desire to the journey in the tropical islands
  • the light pink of the cornel enbodies silence, peace and purity
  • the green of the canopies tells us about the freshness of the spring
  • the pink of the milfoil represents power and temperament
  • the green of the brussels sprout provides another shade of greens
  • and the color of hazelnuts is a perfect complementary and background color.


The compositions of our webshop is made in a way that anybody who is willing to refresh his/her environment and interiors and would like to use the new colors of spring 2017 can find the perfect solutions.



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