The smell of Christmas, part 1

When you think of Christmas a lot of things pop up in your mind: forms, colors, atmosphere, smells. You think of stars, snowmen, fir trees, snowflakes, the smell of cinemon and a lot more.  2These symbols are the usual part of Christmas decoration but if you think of them in a bit more unusual way, you can come up with something really special.      Cinemon (that originates from the Malaysian islands) is one of the most Christmas-like smell.  1Although it is not exclusively a Christmas spice, at this time of the year it is always used as some kind of decoration. It can be bought in most of the supermarkets and you can make simple decorations out of them with the help of some ribbon, candles and other accessories. They can also be used as the decoration of the Christmas table, complemented with some fir twigs and napkins. 3         4         5

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