Online courses

Our workshops are for florists who are devoted to life long learning in their profession. During the course there is not only a detailed list of assets but also a step-by-step description of the composition we create.

New episodes are uploaded to the website on a regular basis with both simplier and more sophisticated compositions.

Florist courses
  • Flexible
    Students work where and when they choose to fit in with jobs, families and other commitments
  • More choice
    Studying online at your own convenience allows you to no longer worry about class location when choosing what to learn next.
  • Accuracy
    Online courses are up to date. They are constantly being revised to ensure that every student receives the most accurate information possible.
Learn from wherever you want
You can watch the videos and cretae the compositions at any time and any location. It is only up to you. No extraordinary technology is needed, you can make the course even on your moblie phone. However, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop is more convenient due to the better resolution.
You can stop the videos at any time and replay them, so you can have a better understanding of the techniques and the specific flowers I use or what shades I put together. If you get stuck you can send us a message and we will do our best to help you.

After buying the workshops you will have a lifelong access to them.
Our courses
What can you learn here?
The basics of floristry: proportion of sizes, colors and basic principles of arrangements
Useful tips to keep the compositions fresh as long as possible.
The importance of visual balance
Creating compositions for any occasion

Who are the workshops for?
For both beginner and advanced florist masters (the level is indicated at the courses)
For florist, designers and program organizers helping them in their profession
For any flower lover who would like to learn some tips and tricks about this profession
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