About me

I am totally in love with nature and colors, I always use them consciously. Whenever I make a composition, the aim is not to simply put together some flowers but to create visual compositions that tell stories.
Sustainability is a crucial part of my work. I consider it important to respect and care for our environment, since florists are in deep bond with nature.

Award winning florist designer
krisztián kövér
Whenever I am asked to make a composition, I try to get inspiration from my clients. This way all my works are unique – just like my clients. I feel deeply honoured to be part of a person’s most important event and I do everything to make it even more memorable.
In the last 25 years I made compositions to various events and occasions. All of them were kind to my heart but the following Hungarian events were especially important for me:

the reception of Queen Elisabeth II.
the reception of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
the reception of Juan Carlos, King of Spain
the wedding of Habsburg György and Eilika
the wedding decoration of Habsburg Walburga
the wedding decoration of Habsburg Margit
the reception of Akihito, Emperor of Japan
the reception of Hillary Clinton
the reception of Jacques Chirac
the decoration of the Orient Express
event decoration
We offer you flower decorations that make your event so memorable that the clients will remember it for years. We have great experience in making decorations for both special and traditional events like weddings or receptions. The decoration is exclusive in each case.

We have worked in the following places:
Gundel Restaurant
National Theatre of Budapest
Hotel Inter Continental in Budapest
Mercedes Benz
Blaguss Congress